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District, School and Classroom Structures to Support Learning

Session Two: Saturday 12:30pm–2:00pm
Room Drama Studio
Pam Moran, Becky Fisher, Paula White, Shelby Bowen, Gwedette Crummie
Affiliation: Albemarle County Public Schools

Conversation Description:

Albemarle County has been recognized as an innovative and successful school division in Virginia. We have a "Tech Savvy Superintendent" (, many nationally recognized educators and a school Board that is seen as a "Learning Board" ( We have worked for years to reward and encourage innovation in our school system through a variety of strategies for saying "yes" to good ideas, and we are quite creative with spending our allocated monies in thoughtful and meaningful ways for learning.

We know the research on supporting vanguard educators, have worked with some of the biggest names in education philosophies to support our growth and encourage best practices, and we get some of the best results in our state on our VA SOL tests. Knowing, though, that MC tests are NOT what learning is all about, we'd like to explore with others the structures they have in place, new ideas for thinking about and looking at learning, and contribute to/build/participate in a tribe of communal thinkers around learning in today's schools.

Some of the questions we will explore include:
What's the role of the individual, PLC team, building administration and central administration in ensuring focus on meaningful learning outcomes?
How do you support individual teachers while maintaining a commitment to reducing variance in the quality of student experiences?
How do you find and support standards for equipment distribution without engaging in one-size-fits-all purchasing?
What do you accept as evidence of successful integration of technology?
What would an accountability model that focused on truly leaving no child behind and NOT NCLB look like?

Conversational Practice:
We will use a backchannel, Today's Meet, during the conversation, add examples to a google doc, and add transcripts of both of those to a wiki we will build to house our questions beforehand and our collective ideas both during and after. There will be no slidestack; we will simply sit with whomever shows up, share our struggles and collectively grow smarter together by talking, listening, thinking, reflecting and questioning together.