Welcome to the CATEC Career Development Web site! We are so glad you are visiting our site and we know you will find the resources we have provided here to be useful to you as you journey through your career preparation and land the jobs you have been seeking. 

Our Goals:
Our goals in bringing a centralized, unified career development program to CATEC are to: 
  • Ensure that every student develops the habits-of-mind associated with finding a fulfilling career and managing his or her career goals throughout a lifetime.
  • Provide support to students and staff as they develop strategized approaches to finding jobs, which includes assessing job markets, branding geared towards marketing, developing professional social media and networking conduct, and creating portfolios that include cutting-edge resumes.
Our Ideas: 
These are the big ideas that guide our career development curriculum:
  • A career is evolving, it can change your life, and YOU are in control. 
  • Branding yourself in the job market is essential. 
  • Having strong workplace skills is necessary to find career success.
Standards Alignment:
Our career development curriculum is aligned to the 21 "Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth: Needs Identified by Virginia Employers" as identified through the Virginia Department of Education's Career and Technical Education division. 

Explore our site and get ready for your career!

A little about Mrs. Jay:
I  found my passion for teaching Career Development at CATEC. I began working at CATEC nine years ago as an English teacher. I realized quickly that students needed up-to-date and relevant career guidance they were not getting anywhere else. CATEC is a unique school because, much like community colleges or universities, our school enables students to enter the workforce directly upon completing their training. That means CATEC students need access to a Career Services department that is able to empower students with the tools they need to begin their careers. My career-related activities began small and before I knew it, I was working with other courses at CATEC and presenting this material to students outside our small community. I formalized my curriculum, aligning learning experiences and activities with Standards of Learning and Workplace Readiness Skills competencies, and began working with most CATEC students in 2015. I eagerly became the Career Development Specialist in 2016. I also teach a job skills course through Piedmont Virginia Community College's Workforce Services. I look forward to working with you this year. 

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