Welcome to Making Connections 2012!

Check this website periodically between now and November 5th 
as additional information will be added when it becomes available.

WAHS Student Groups are selling snacks and drinks in the cafeteria to raise funds for special programs!  Please visit their concession tables to learn more, contribute to their work and fill up!
Presenters and Sessions

The program for Making Connections includes over 200 presentations and workshops.  The depth and scope of the sessions is a testament to the willingness of division teachers to share and work together. 

Program Summary - Sorted by Start and End Times, and Room (same sort as the Complete Program with Descriptions) - 3 pages

Other Program Summaries (each sorted a different way)

Special Strands

Have questions about recertification or want to set up Direct Deposit?  Visit the HR table in the cafeteria for more information.

The “Healthy Teachers” Strand…is BACK For You

On Monday, November 5 during the Making Connections division-wide professional development conference, you will be provided with the opportunity to take advantage of several wellness events that are all For You!  And yes, flu shots will be offered on this day!


Culturally Responsive Teaching

Responsive Classroom and Restorative Practices

Health and PE Strand

Information About Making Connections Conference Keynote Speaker

Zoe Weil will join us mid-day for one keynote repeated twice. Zoe is coming to us through the generosity of the PAWS (People and Animal Welfare Support Foundation) http://www.myrtlerun.com/ which is funding her trip to speak with us.  Zoe Weil is the co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education (www.HumaneEducation.org) and is considered a pioneer in the comprehensive humane education movement, which provides people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to be conscientious choicemakers and engaged changemakers for a better world.  You can view her TEDxDirigo talk “The World Becomes What You Teach” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5HEV96dIuY.  

Sign Up for Direct Deposit at the Making Connections Conference

In an effort to assist employees who do not have direct deposit, there will be 3 local banks and a credit union with tables set up at our Making Connections meeting. Those businesses are:

  • UVA Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo
  • Union Bank and Trust
  • BB&T

These businesses will be able to sign you up for direct deposit with Albemarle County Public Schools. If you already have a checking account but have not signed up, you can simply attach your voided check to the direct deposit form and turn it in at one of the booths or send it to HR. The December 31st deadline is approaching. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of direct deposit.

Speak to a University of Phoenix Representative at Making Connections!

ACPS has partnered with University of Phoenix to waive fees and reduce tuition costs.  Visit http://www.phoenix.edu/alliance/k-12/a/acps.html to learn more about this partnership and peruse the course catalog.  A University of Phoenix representative will be on-site to answer questions and consult with ACPS teachers.

Making Connections Tips
  • Carpool!
  • Bring your laptop fully charged.
  • If you are presenting, don't forget your dongle!
  • Plan your day in advance - especially where you are parking and when you will need shuttle rides.
  • Don't forget your lunch plans!
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of WAHS. 
  • Look for signage and ask around if you get lost or confused during the day.
  • Direct your own learning.  If a session doesn't fit your needs, go to your second choice!