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Family & Consumer Science (FCS) FCS classes are designed to address life skills; decision-making, relationships, child development, budgeting, food and nutrition, and sewing.

FCCLA is a nonprofit national career and technical student organization for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education in public and private school through grade 12. Everyone is part of a family, and FCCLA is the only national Career and Technical Student Organization with the family as its central focus. Since 1945, FCCLA members have been making a difference in their families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.
  • To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life
  • To strengthen the function of the family as a basic unit of society
  • To encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community
  • To encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony
  • To promote greater understanding between youth and adults
  • To provide opportunities for making decisions and for assuming responsibilities.
  • To prepare for the multiple roles of men and women in today's society
  • To promote Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations


Contact Information:

Jennifer Poulos
Family & Consumer Science Teacher
FCCLA Advisor
Junior Class Advisor 

West Central High School
705 E 2nd Street
Po Box 730
Hartford SD 57033

605-528-6236 ext 1112

Class Offerings:

Employability Skills: The class students will learn about personal growth, character building, teamwork, leadership, money management, finances, and find the right job.

Event Management: Students will learn how to plan an event from the beginning to the final. 

Introduction to Human Services: This class will devote their time into the Human Service career field by working closely on service-learning projects and making an impact in the world. .

Serving Families & Communities: In this class students will develop many different service-learning projects to help support your community and families around us. 

Teaching & Training as a Profession: Students will learn about early to modern history in education, school safety, planning for instruction, technology in the school, classroom management and how to write a lesson plan. 

Human Development: Prenatal - Toddler: Students will learn about prenatal development, avoiding dangers to the baby, childbirth options, labor/birth and the newborn to age 2. In this class you will have the opportunity to take a real-care baby home (overnight or weekend).

Human Development: Preschool - School Age: Students will learn about ages four to adolescent age. Learning about the growth and development, emotional development, social and moral development and brain development of each age group.In this class you will have the opportunity to take a real-care baby home (overnight or weekend).

Skills for Parenting: Students will learn several different techniques that you will be able to utilize in your future. Learn about why families act the way they do, how stresses affect parenting styles, childhood illness, and children with special needs. In this class you will have the opportunity to take a real-care baby home (overnight or weekend).

Nutrition & Wellness: Students will be able to leave this class knowing basic kitchen skills, healthy eating skills and having a concrete wellness plan.

Dietetics & Nutrition: Students will learn about all the different types of foods that we put into our bodies and how they affect us each and every day.

Fashion Design: Students will learn several techniques using sewing machines, stitch working, review patterns and many more. Walk the runway in this class by learning in several different ways.

Interior Design: Students will learn about how you can be a professional designer by creating and developing many projects. Learn about different design styles and put your talent to use.