According to the graduation requirements for the state of South Dakota, a student must take first year algebra and 2 more higher level math classes.  At Newell High School we offer a wide variety of classes so that the students can meet this requirement.  In addition it is recommended that the student take 4 years of high school math.  This helps to prepare the student for the ACT  and helps them to succeed in college algebra.  In addition the students who are considering a career in math or science may take a 5th year of high school math.
        The classes offered are:
            Algebra 1
            Algebra 2
            Fundamental Math
       The classes that I am currently teaching at Newell High School are geometry, algebra 2, precalculus,   trigonometry and calculus.     I also am an e-mentor for students taking college algebra. 
   You may contact me at lorie.johnston@k12.sd.us
 The Newell School District is actively involved in learning about and using the material for the SD CCSS.  Materials and links to websites about the SD Blueprints and My.Oer are found on that page.