It was good to have the whole crew playing at Pine Ridge Monday--fun to have a JV and C team this year and to end our season with a night of all three games!  Excited to go to CSC Friday night before we head to Regions at Philip Tuesday!  Check out the tournament page for region bracket, game times, and locations.  We will be dismissed at 1:45, bus leaves at 2:00. Game at 5:30. Dress up day!

I'm behind!  Reflection:  CONGRATS on working together to earn the 2nd PANHANDLE CONFERENCE TITLE in school history! :)  What a great weekend we had last week! I hope this weekend is/was restful for you all after a couple of disappointing losses Friday.  We need to gear up to play some ball again on Monday!  Reminder--we leave at 2:15, bring food!  Wear red to school for red ribbon week and bring ORANGE jerseys and travel pants, jackets, and WE shirts for the bus/game.  The last regular season game of the year and the last week of the quarter are upon us!  Wow.

October 11
Great "Pink Night" with the stands full of pink!  It was nice to rasie some money for the Side Out Foundation and the American Cancer Society while honoring cancer survivors.  Credit is due to Rapid City Christian for outplaying us last night--time to prepare for outplaying Hulett in our match tomorrow!  

Also, go to the Tournaments tab to see our Panhandle Conference information for Saturday--we're #1!!  Congratulations on your hard work that got us there!  Let's keep positive and working together to turn that seeding into a result!

Sept 29
Busy week of VB with ups and downs!  Congratulations on perservence against Hot Springs on Tuesday to all 3 teams--feels great to get the sweep! Doesn't feel as good to be on the opposite end of it as we learned last night. We have lots of great things are happening & lots of opportunites ahead to fix those things we can improve on!  Varsity will leave bright & early--6:00am--for the Mile High tournament in Lead tomorrow! 
WE>ME -Coach O.

Sept 21
Congratulations to the JV team for coming back after a first set loss to take care of Crawford in three sets!  For varsity it was a long week off after a tough loss Monday!  In the locker room we were reminded, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn." We had a learning experience this week with lots of time to prepare to get some wins in the busy week ahead!  
Back to the Mogul Dome for C, JV, and Varsity contests against Hot Springs Tuesday and Moorcroft Thursday!  On Saturday the varsity will head to Lead for the Mile High tournament.  Be at the school at 6:00am.  I just got all the information--it's attached on the tournament page.  

Looking forward to a fun practice tomorrow and the opportunities for improvement we have in the week ahead! 

-Coach O.

Sept. 14
Wow!  Great game after a quiet week of volleyball :)  We beat a tough opponent that I have a feeling we will meet again...great job being persistent!  Glad to have Coach Cortney on the bench again tonight!  Prayers that Mrs. Coach Cortney will be feeling up to being back on the other side of the curtain again soon!

Congratulations JV also!  I got compliments from the officials on your talent and communication!  Humm...still thinking we could use some more work there  ;) (and on knowing where to be!) but lots of improvement in both areas, as well as volleyball skills in gereral!  Fun watching you play, too!

C team--great start getting the first set!  Also fun to see the improvements that are being made with you!  You are turning some of the "light bulb moments" you've had into success on your next chance!  

Remember, no Chadron on Saturday afternoon--but we will have practice at 1:30.  Enjoy your Friday, get some rest, make good decisions, see you Saturday!!  Great job all! 

Sept. 6
Tough battle, late night!  Hope you all got some rest and ate a good breakfast to fight off the sickness that has been travelling around our school!  

Tomorrow we will be playing Hay Springs for both JV and varsity as Oelrichs doesn't have enough players to have a JV.  We will be wearing orange tomorrow and will be dismissed from class at 1:05, bus departing at 1:15.  Bring food for before the game and money for afterward.  Since it's not a school night, we can stop in Chadron after the games.

On Friday we'll be in black again to take on the Newcastle Dogies on with C, JV, and Varsity games.  Our bus will be leaving at 2:15, so be at the school at 2:00.  


Aug. 31
Great end to August 2017 VB!  With winning our first 2 regular games of the season we are 6-2 overall!  Proud of our JV with their first win tonight as well!  Lots of improvement from our first game.  Practice tomorrow and Monday to get ready to take on Lead again Tuesday!  

A big "Thank You" to Sword and Ahrendt Law Office for our awesome new jackets!  We are not only playing well, but lookin' good also!

Aug. 27, 2017
Wow!  Great way to start off our 2017 season!  Finishing in the championship of the Custer Tournament and winning a set in all of our matches is impressive!  I am so proud of the way we played as a team, and of the individual hustle that helped us to get to 4-2 against some good teams this weekend!  Looking forward to the week ahead--traveling to Hill City Tuesday for our first non-tournament games (C team and JV as well as varsity!) and hosting Newell on Thursday for our first home games of the season!  Note I added September's events, games, and practices to our schedule. :)
Tuesday will be black jerseys and Thursday, orange.  

Aug 16, 2017
I'm a bit wiped out after today!  I will add a page to post pictures...technical difficulties putting that on this site--but will get some help tomorrow as teachers have in-service :) Great work, fun day!  Hope you got some rest tonight!!

Aug 10, 2017
Great practice this AM!! Remember to eat well, rest some and move some before tonight's practice!  A couple reminders:  Tomorrow's (& Saturday's) practice will be from 6:00-10:00 AM and no PM practice.  Next Wednesday is an ALL DAY event--starting at 7:30 (be there) practice with hiking in Custer State Park/lunch to follow.  Pack a lunch and bring $ for a snack stop on the way home.  We should be home around 3:30.  See you at 6:00 tonight!!

August 1, 2017
Back to Action!!  Excited to see a new season of Mogul Volleyball Players!  Parent/Player/Coach meeting tonight to kick off our 2017 season at 6:00.  We'll meet in the lobby. (gym floor is being redone--no going in there!)  Lots of information for the upcoming season, so pass the reminder along to your friends!  See you all there!
-Coach O.