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Douglas High School Library Services Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Douglas School District Libraries to prepare patrons to be active readers and proficient users of information. We accomplish this by:

  • Collaborating with staff to empower students with the knowledge to access, use, and evaluate materials for educational and personal uses

  • Providing virtual and physical access to materials in various formats

  • Providing an environment that is appealing, fosters an enjoyment of reading, and is conducive to learning

  • Providing access to a highly qualified library media specialist for program development and instruction, materials selection, and library management

Our Belief Statement

We are guided by particular beliefs that demonstrate the ways an exemplary school library will provide for its community. We support the American Library Association's positions on intellectual freedom to read, and the right to free access to information. In the interest of intellectual freedom, we affirm the tenets of The American Library Association's "Library Bill of Rights," with particular interest in the interpretation "Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Program." We maintain the viewpoint of the "Role of the School Library Program," a position statement of the American Association of School Librarians. We recognize ideals of superiority in regards to the library program, the place, and the professional.