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Welcome to Canyon Ridge Middle School!  My name is Mr. D’Elia and I’m thrilled to be teaching 6th grade Language Arts.  It is my goal that the students learn skills and habits that will make them successful in everyday life.  Reading and writing are two of my greatest passions and I hope to share that with my students.  Each of these skills is essential for life-long learning.  Not only does reading help us gather information to make informed decisions in life, but it is a source of enjoyment and personal fulfillment.  Reading and learning to read well will be a major concentration in my class.

Writing helps in communication and is a crucial skill that can aid the student both personally and professionally.  Writing makes us better thinkers.  It not only helps us convey our thoughts, but it helps us to think clearly and logically.  Students that read and write well will be successful in school, in career, and in life.

To keep you informed about upcoming quizzes, tests, and other important information, I will be using "Remind." "Remind" is a texting service that allows me, the teacher, to send out group texts to anyone that would like to subscribe. It's VERY easy to sign up.  Simply enter the number and text message below with the corresponding class, and you'll receive texts from me, letting you know about important dates.  

You will not be able to text me back, and you will not be bombarded by texts from me!  If you want to contact me, simply email me at jonathan.delia@leanderisd.org.

    Enter this number:            81010
    And text this message:     @mrdelia

For further help or information, visit www.remind.com.

Each day's agenda will be written on the board. It can also be found by clicking here and under the "calendar" on my website. 

The agenda includes all that will occur in class as well as any homework the students might be assigned that day. The students will be instructed to record the day’s agenda in their own personal school agendas.

I believe that a child's parent is their first and most influential teacher, and I'd like to communicate with the parents as much as practical. If you or your child would like to conference with me, I'd be happy to set up an appointment that works for both of us.

I'm available for tutorials on Tuesday morning from 8:15 to 8:45, and Wednesday afternoons from 4:10 to 4:45. I'm also available by appointment.

Jonathan D'Eli
Canyon Ridge Middle School
570.3500 x43512