OSSLT Links & Resources

The date of the OSSLT is March 30, 2017.  The test will begin at 9:00am 

Breakfast will be provided. 

Breakdown of the Literacy Test according to task: 
  • Reading Information Paragraph 11%
  • Reading News Reports 10%
  • Reading Dialogue 14%
  • Reading Real-life Narrative 11%
  • Short Writing (2) 12%
  • Writing a News Article 12%
  • Writing a Series of Paragraphs expressing an Opinion 12%
  • Multiple Choice Questions on Writing 10%


Sample Online OSSLT
EQAO is now offering a 2-booklet Sample Online OSSLT which will prepare students for both the test content and the online format.   This test is available in regular format as well as text-to-speech format for students permitted this accommodation on their IEP.  Students are encouraged to work through this material on their own.  

Sample OSSLT
EQAO offers a sample paper-based OSSLT, which is a complete test in the same order and with the same instructions as the actual test. 

Released 2015 OSSLT and Scoring Material
EQAO releases examples of actual questions from its previous test booklets to show the format of the test and the types of questions asked. Scoring guides and student samples show exemplars of the level of answer required to successfully pass the test.  

Click here to visit EQAO for more resources and information, including the past five years of released questions and scoring materials. 

Please see Ms. Vachon with questions.