Add Headings and they will appear in your table of contents.

Add Headings and they will appear in your table of contents.

Add Headings and they will appear in your table of contents.

Welcome to KPDSB's Math Portal. Here you will find valuable links that will support you in your work with students.

KPDSB Math Goal

“Using a comprehensive approach that emphasizes problem solving and the mathematical process expectations, students will demonstrate growth in their ability to reason and prove, connect and reflect and solve problems across all strands and grades K-12.”

Three Priority Areas and Associated Look-fors

This list of suggested mathematics ‘look-fors’ have been categorized under the 3 headings identified by KPDSB math leaders as integral components of effective mathematics pedagogy. The intent of this list is that educators become familiar with them in service to the learning of KPDSB students. By no means is this a definitive list of what must occurs in all math classes; it is to be used as a common reference for all stakeholders.

Managing Learning

The Math Block


The Math Work


The Math Data

    • Introduction/action/consolidation
    • Explicit teaching as needed
    • Purposeful student grouping(s)
    • Pacing/volume of the math work
    • Effective use of technology
    • Manipulatives access/storage
    • Collaboration/math talk encouraged
    • Designated mathematics areas
    • Use of anchor charts
    • Etc.
    • Overall Expectations/Big Ideas
    • Learning Goal/Success Criteria
    • Problem solving/3-part lessons
    • Range of entry points
    • Pre and post task linkage
    • Differentiated/scaffolded
    • Accommodations/modifications
    • Authentic rich tasks
    • Exploratory, multi-strategy
    • Etc.
    • Assessment Triangle:
      • Observations
      • Conversations
      • Products
    • Of, As, and For Learning
    • Assessment tools/techniques
    • Assess process - learning impact
    • Informs practice
    • Know the learner
    • Etc.

This site is a work in progress and new items are added weekly. We would love to include your work, resources and ideas. Please email Michelle Parrish and/or Marcel Arsenault to share.