The arts provide multiple ways to experience, understand, and express the world and our relationship to it.  They are one of the fundamental repositories of human wisdom. They educate the imagination and develop originality.  They represent significant ways for students to discern, express, communicate, figure out, and understand the human universe.                  
Charles Fowler, Strong Arts, Strong Schools

Andover Public Schools’ Visual & Performing Arts department is made up of vibrant and hard working arts educators. Over thirty art, music, and theatre teachers are responsible for teaching Pk-12 classes throughout the school district. In addition, there are many of these teachers along with other educators, directors, parents, and community members committed to working together in a variety of before and after-school arts opportunities for the benefit of Andover students.

The visual and performing arts department is committed to supporting a comprehensive curriculum in art, media, music, theatre, and dance, a place where the arts are seen as part of the core curriculum.  The department sees the arts disciplines as distinctive forms of experience and knowledge, ones that deepen student understanding of artistic expression, skills and technique, and a conduit within a changing world.  The arts ask students to create new meaning through individual and collaborative expression, which provides the venue for developing personal voice through creative and critical approaches of inquiry and reflection.  

Together, we see value in building our collaborative spirit with colleagues, in and outside the department. We believe this spirit will develop curricula infused with connections to people and ideas, where our teaching will incorporate both students as teachers and teachers as learners, and where surprise and joy will be magnified in our arts and interdisciplinary learning.

We have an interest in hearing from our students, parents, community members, faculty, and administrators because your opinions help improve our group decision-making as we expand our understanding of students’ needs and our practices. Please let us know your thoughts about what is working well and what suggestions you may have regarding the further development of the visual and performing arts department.

On behalf of the entire department, thank you for your ongoing support.

Beth Delforge
Pk-12 Visual & Performing Arts Program Coordinator
Andover Public Schools
978.247. 5568