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Welcome to Sanborn School's Music Web site!  This is a work in progress.  If you have any suggestions for the site please email diane.waddell@andoverma.us

"Use what talents you possess.  The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best"  Henry Van Dyke


Hi Everyone!  I have set up a Google Doc with resources for online learning.   Please feel free to reach out - even if you just want to say "hi" My email is diane.waddell@andoverma.us  I'm happy to set up a google hangout or the like for anyone who wants to connect.  I miss you guys!  Chorus and Orff friends - there is some stuff on the tab to the left for you as well.  


I am a small part of the world

Piano and Lyrics only:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTFV_MdM9B0  

Choir performance:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jzNv2d673w    

I am a Small Part of the World

I am a small part of the world (K-1)

I have a small hand which to hold (2-3)

But if I stand by your side and you put your hand in mine (4th)

Together we can be so strong and bold (5th)


I am a small part of the world

I have a small dream in my eyes

But if I tell you my dreams and if you add yours to mine

Together we can reach up to the skies


Hand in hand, dreams combine

Voice with voice, together for all time

Hand in hand, dreams combine

Voice with voice, for all time.


I am a small part of the world

I have a small voice ringing clear,

But if I sing out for freedom and you add your voice to mine

Together we have nothing left to fear

(repeat green part 2x – 2nd time with K-3)


I am a small part of the world       Take my hand





Harvest Festival  November 26 10:00am

Children's Stage Adventures:  December 9-13

Winter Concert (featuring Chorus and Orff Ensemble)  January 23

All-Strings Night - April 7

Spring Concert (featuring Chorus, Orff, Band and Strings)  June 9




The Andover Public Schools Music Curriculum is a singing based curriculum which embraces the Orff-Schulwerk approach to music and movement education and utilizes the music literacy methods of Dr. John Feierabend and the Kodály Music Concept.  The Orff approach builds 21st century learning skills through imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition.  Children use singing, expressive speech, instrument playing, and movement to become creative thinkers, collaborative problem solvers and life-long musicians.  Active music making is at the core of this philosophy, and the emphasis on creative movement appeals to kinesthetic learners. Just as we learn language aurally, our students experience and perform music without notation at first.  Students learn to read and write nontraditional and standard musical notation as they develop the desire to recreate and remember their own ideas, which reinforces the concepts they absorb through performance. The materials in the curriculum are selected from a rich repertoire of traditional folk songs and rhymes along with music from diverse styles and cultures.  Each of the following elements of music are explored throughout their elementary music education:  beat/rhythm, pitch/melody, timbre, tempo, dynamics, form, style, and texture.

Meet Your Music Teacher

Diane Waddell has been at Sanborn School since 1999.  Before coming to Sanborn,  she taught in public schools and private piano and violin studios in Nashville, Tennessee and Brooklyn, New York.  She started piano lessons in 1st grade and violin lessons in 3rd grade and added some other instruments along the way.  She attended Belmont University to receive her Bachelor of Music Education Degree and received her Master of Music Education from the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford.  She also has certifications in both the Kodaly Method and Orff Schulwerk.