Robots are Buzzing around Kindergarten

This week, the MakerStudio visited the K wing.  Mr. Harkins brought down Bee-Bots.  Bee Bots are programmable robots in the shape of bees.  The students were able to program the robots to move forward, backward, turn left and right.  Student created programs as short as one command and as long as 19 commands.  At first, the students were able to explore how the Bee-Bots worked and tried to move them in every direction.  
Student were given a number line 0-20, a die to use and a target number.  They rolled the die.  If they rolled a four, they placed the Bee-Bot on four.  The students thought to themselves "how many more to get to the target number from four?  They would then program the Bee-Bot to move forward six more to make it to a target of 10.  They had targets of 10, 13, and 20.  Some classes even tried going backwards and figuring out how many fewer to get to the target.

The Bee-Bots are also bluetooth ready and can be controlled with an app on the iPad.  Mr. Harkins plans to come back and show the K students how to program the Bee-Bots using the iPads in their classroom.