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Fall House and Tree

Students cut, twisted, pasted, painted, stamped, colored, drew, crinkled, stapled and stuffed paper to create these pieces.  They started by painting papers that would later become their grass, roof and windows. They mixed the primary colors to create the secondary ones. They drew on these papers to
create the textures of grass, shingles and window panes. They also used sponge stamps to create the brick/stone texture of the house.
They learned how to make a tree using a paper bag and twisted the paper to create branches. They tore colored paper to create fall leaves and pasted them on their trees and grass. They stuffed and stapled a second bag to create the house and added their painted paper roof. They also cut paper to create their windows and doors.


They completed their work by drawing and coloring the animals they may find in the yard and the people who live in the house.