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Soft Skills

As an NLP Master Coach and having led many large engineering and development organisations, I provide Soft Skills support to enhance people communication, presentation, negotiation, conflict management and specific EQ and soft skills.

Having provided a Soft Skills two-day course for Project Managers as well as for Software Development, I encourage organisations to build competency in Soft Skills and continually assess their capabilities at an individual and organisational level.   I use state of the art assessments from UCL as well as Optimal Thinking from Dr Roselene Glickman.

As a provider of improving EQ/EI in organisations I am able to offer an audit of individuals, groups and organisations based on the EI Consortiums research into measuring individual and organisational EQ.  We can then put together the appropriate people development plan to improve the individuals and the organisation.  The next stage is then where I can provide training and coaching using myself or colleagues to deliver the improvements.

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