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Leadership innovation is about leaders creating the environment and inspiring company professionals so they are modelled and emulated to provide growth through innovation

Leadership Innovation is based on the idea that respect towards people, selflessness by the leader and a strong powerful commitment to achieve results, bring out the best in subordinates.  Therefore it is essential to have the right EQ.

LI leaders are a paradoxical blend of fierce will and personal humility. They are stubborn and ruthless, yet they are humble.  They are ambitious for their company and rarely allow their dog to be an obstacle for the success of their organization.  Though they accomplish great things for their organisations, they attribute their remarkable accomplishments to their people, external factors and sheer luck. 

LI Leaders lead with the help of disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action.

Formula for successful leadership - The Right People (culture, character rather than competence) + Humility + Strong Professional Will (regarding the goal) = Success

Come and understand each of the levels of the Collins Hierarchy and then we will with discussions, simulations and targeted results align you to understand what you need to do at each level.