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E Learning

People need to continually learn new skills, knowledge, methodologies, tools and techniques to increase individual and group performance. Most business people cannot afford to take time out for a week or a month and today’s learning trend is to do micro learning and action learning. People are now using technology to learn on the job or new skills.  You should not think of this like classroom classes.  You cannot simply transfer a classroom training as is to the technology.  Indeed most skills are learnt through technology enhance learning on the job. So as a training manager or HRO professional how do you go from Learning to encompass eLearning.

Firstly, you need the strategy of enhancing the learning environment to include E Learning.  Part of this is to focus on the key aids your staff need to become more competent.  This includes short videos, supported by short documents and quizzes that ensure the attendee has learnt the key needs.  

Generally, the learning is in a maximum of 15 minute chunks, which means attendees can learn a lot in one hour and then test using quizzes to ensure the have absorbed the materials.  What this means in an hour a day can be equivalent to a one day course attendance. Or where there is a need to repeat specific processes or learnings this can be repeated and looked at on the job.

For E Learning we look at the learning strategy, the transition from traditional learning to include E Learning, what are the available platforms and what the processes are to move to this enhanced environment.

There is a lot of flexibility in what can be done and I am here to help you with your progress to E Learning.