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Thammast Business School Balanced Scorecard Case Study lectures October 2014
As visiting Professor provided Balanced Scoredcard case studies to over 100 students

Bangkok University Office and Virtual Office Lectures October 2014
Provided talks on Office technology and the history and future of Virtual Office

Softskill for Projects September 2014
Open course with attendees from business corporations providing NLP, Tuckmans team building, Debone 6 thinking hats for meetings, negotiation and conflict management experiential learning

SCG Safety by Design Exhibition for UK Client September 2014
For PSI Solutions and UK client

Reaseach published with Thammasat Business School, Bangkok July 2014
See link

Introduction to Agile Training March 2014
2 day training on Agile Project Management

Bangkok University Office and Virtual Office lectures March 2014
Provided talks on office and virtual office 

Thammasat Balanced Scorecard Case Study lectures 14 Oct 2013
Provided talks in balanced scorecard case studies from Europe and the USA

NLP Top Coach NLP Master Practitioner qualification  September 2013
Obtained NLP Master Practitioner qualification

Hosted Unipart International visit to Thai companies 6th to 14th August 2013
Arranged meetings and provided guidance for Unipart International to look at prospective businessin ASEAN

Softskills for Projects Training course 16/17 July 2013
Open course with attendees from business corporations providing NLP, Tuckmans team building, Debone 6 thinking hats for meetings, negotiation and conflict management experiential learning

KMUTT - Project Management IQ and EQ April 25th 2013
The purpose of the lecture is to provide students with Project Management fundamentals from a knowledge, process and soft skills, with an emphasis on soft skills tools including NLP.

Bangkok University - Virtual office March 19, 20, 21 2013

The purpose of the lectures is to provide students with some real life experience and the history of how Virtual Office came into being and where they are going in the future

UK Client

Working with a UK client to bring them to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, using British Embassy UKTI, Vietnam Embassy to find collaborators and partners to start supporting these countries with innovative practitioner processes.

Thammasat March 2 2013 Balanced Scorecard Case Studies

The purpose of the lecture is to provide students with some real life experience of companies who have implemented the Balanced Scorecard

K-solutions brief

Updated K-solutions brief available in Linkedin K-solutions

Bangkok University PESTLE on ASEAN until 2017

The purpose of this lecture is to give the students a feel the future outlook of ASEAN Economic Community

Thammasat January 21 2013, Project Management fundamentals including a case study

The purpose of the lecture is to provide BBL MBA students with knowledge of the project management fundamentals including case studies and an exercise.

PMI Bangkok Chapter Lecture January 16, 2013

The purpose of the presentation is to give the audience an overview of the elements of Project Portfolio Management and how you connect strategy, select projects, measure and manage a portfolio of projects.  Project Portfolio Management captures the essence of 40 years of business modeling and management science applications and presents project portfolio management in a format that is both informative and practical. You'll discover insights into how successful businesses manage their project portfolios - how they choose the projects they undertake, how they get the right balance and mix of projects, and how they allocate their resources across various projects. 

Thammasat Joint Research Project into Thai corporations "Translating Strategy into Action" with a look at approach to ASEAN 2015 Economic Community

October 1st is now the start of this important study and one of the first into how the top SET50 companies translate strategy into action with the important emphasis on the strategy towards implementing the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 road map.  With the history of studying many Western companies into how they use the Balanced Scorecard and how companies carry out strategy execution, this will be one of the first that focuses soley on Asian and Thai companies specifically.  To date we have interviewed Siam Cement Group, Bangkok Bank and Minor Food Group.  We shall be writing up case studies and publishing them sometime in 2013.

Apple's Future interesting Forrester article

This discusses the different styles of management and how they prevail.  It also has a lot to do with the leadership of strategy. 
Click on the title above to open the article

March 21, 2012 PMI Bangkok Chapter Case study Aligning cross functional organisations in project management presentation -  

Robert Twiddy provided a case study to the PMI Bangkok Chapter that was well attended. Extract from PMI: 

"This presentation focuses on a case study of a Semiconductor company where 600 engineers were trained for six months and team members of 50 large projects were coached for one year in the application of PMBOK principles. A key element to the success of this project was strategically aligning this cross functional organization. This implied:  scoping the program, implementing the right governance, and developing PMBOK training guidelines to suit the customer using a participative approach.

Our esteemed speaker this month will focus on the strategic approach used in this project and highlight challenges, supporting tools, and lessons learned."

PMI Bangkok Chapter link