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"The continual search for opportunities that increase growth or reduce cost"   

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I have worked with top European and USA management both as a line manager and as a consultant.  

My skills are now available to companies in Asia to explore new strategies for your business

I am partnering with Thammasat Business School on research into how Thai companies translate strategy into action with emphasis on ASEAN Economic Community 

I work through PSI Solutions for Project Management and Strategy, NLP Top Coach for soft skills and B-Excellence for lean six sigma

I major in Business Strategy Planning and Leadership executive coaching, training and mentoring.

If You Are?

  • Interested in a new understanding of your major challenges and what your strategy should be and how to execute 
  • Interested in understanding the opportunities to increase growth that only an outside view can suggest
  • Interested in understanding reducing costs where you haven't considered before 
  • Wanting to market your business more effectively through the use  of technology
  • Wanting to become more lean, cut out waste and understand the best practices and methodologies to adopt

Then I can help you:

Using state of the art methodologies and best practices to:
  • Assess the "as is climate" the "to be climate you want" and the stages of how you get from one to the other
  • Decide what makes sense for you and your organisation.

  • Influence your senior execs and other managers and get people enthusiastic and behind your plans.
  • Deal with challenges when they arise and to learn from them for the future.

  • Inspire you and keep your energy up!

    Look at the services offered and call me on 0904 212043 for a discussion and I will meet with you to get started.