Arcane - Allen Hinds signature

After various problems with microphonics and having them repotted I have to say that these pickups are as Allen describes quite magnificent and very much a 60s sound. I have installed them in a 2016 Fender Mexican standard Tele and I took 8 different attempts on American and Mexican Teles before I found one with the wood tone I liked. Its Adler and a Maple neck.

The bridge pickup has that twang, but is also not over the top compared to most tele pickups. My fender and other ones I have are out classed by this one especially. The neck pickup is soft, but clear with the fender tone, but with a jazz orientation especially when you back off the volume.

I have tried the pickups with Xotic Soul Driven drive and they work well together. I also use it with Analogman KOT high gain and that brings even more to the party in terms of bringing out a natural sound not too compressed.

I would recommend these pickups, I have fed back to Allen who has talked with Rob at Arcane to ensure that they lacquer is sufficient to not supply pickups that are microphonic when volume pushed or high gain. Only the bridge pickup had this sound.

I believe these to be as good as the Seymour Duncan Antiquity IIs ($210) which are the main competition in a well known brand. At $250 they are slightly more, but worth it.