Kingsley pedals and comparisons with top pedals

The front end pedals I have include:

  • Analogman hi gain King of Tone. (Now for sale not on my board). Mushy. Messes the EQ of the guitar up. Better with old style 60s pickups
  • Manticore hand wired from ProAnalog devices on my board. Has mids that change the guitar tone. Better with old style 60s pickups. However I have replaced my Archer with it as a klon style boost
  • Ethos TWE 1 Custom Tones on my board. Has highs that change the guitar tone, Very bright and treble or mushy. Better with single coils
  • OCD. Off my board. Still a good pedal at low gain boosts with any pickups
  • Boss DS1X. Off my board, too much gain not very controllable, lots of noise from it.
  • Soul Driven. Xotic (Now for sale not on my board). Ok for mids and with a 60s tele but doesn’t go well except with low output pickups

The Kingsley Minstrel 2 has never been removed from my board. One thing it does that the others don’t do is maintains the tone of the guitar whereas all the other either mush it up or lose the EQ. No matter the guitar. Also using the EQ on it gives good variety and I turn the bass down like the Kingsley demo.

I mainly use it in position 1 or 2. Rarely use 3 as I tend to use the other pedals in that territory for high gain and dont do that much.

So if you have not tried Kingsley amps pedals you should. TPS raves over them and as I said I have never removed it and it has had a lot of epic company!