Fender Jeff Beck Strat

I bought this guitar in Music Center, Fortune Tower, Bangkok second hand. It is one of the few guitars I bought on impulse!

I went into the shop with my friend just looking, saw this strat, played it through a valvestate Marshall and instantly fell in love with its tone.

All my fellow guitarists who have played it love its sound and tone. I have played lots of strats in different shops, and previously had a black strat I really hated, because it had a V shaped neck and could never get the tone right.

This one just is superb and sounds warm, but with the classic tones.

I now use GHS David Gilmour signature strings 10 to 46.

I am about to update the scratchplate with V12set from JJs guitar pickups Australian which is designed to be like the Dave Gilmour blackie guitar.