Choosing a custom guitar

To my guitar friends: The biggest mistake you can make when having a custom guitar is pickup size, once you make the wrong decision you limit your choice for the future. To be real it needs to be HHH or HH, because S limits you to what strats and teles have and if you want a warmer or jazz or metal sound, you dont have this capability you limit your choice. I went for HSS and now realise I can only really get a strat or tele sound because a rails single slot humbucker does not sound the same as a full size one. Also they make limited rails size equivalent humbuckers. All the main pickup manufacturers push the old crap more than the new for replacement from their Technical advice. Only new musicians and new pickups should be considered for a custom guitar, otherwise take the guitar you like and upgrade it or get an updated model. The guitar I liked is HSH Suhr Modern Satin and now I cannot emulate that due to my choice. So the best I can do is HSS Suhr and the Classic Pro which is a pity.

I currently have two HH guitars, one jazz one rock, 2 HSS guitars and 1 SSS, but I do not have a HHH or HSH guitar to cover the combinations. 1 HSS will be sold as it is signature model with the artists signature so will yield slightly more than I paid which was not a lot. So to complete my mix I need a HHH or HSH. So technically, you need two models HH, HHH to be able to cover all combinations for future proofing. What you do not really need is HSS or SSS as you can achieve that by coil splitting or in more modern pickups selecting one side of the double poles. So any musician or luthier who says different is not future proofing that guitar, he has put into a Stratocaster or Telecaster type sound only. No manufacturer is building a single slot neck pickup other than Fender and their copies of the Stratocaster or Telecaster. If you want that sound buy one of those they will be better.