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Laney IRT Studio

      A small 19inch rack mount amount 3 channels, foot controlling, lead, clean, reverb, boost. I have used Jack Thammarat's reamping video to show its versatility.   You have full eq control and the tone controls pull out for accessing the lower frequencies.  Dynamic switch is used for ranging the lower volumes speaker movement.  EL84s with 3 x 12AX7.  One of the first amps that you do not a speaker plugged in, it has its own load capability so you listen on headphones or from your computer when plugged in either USB or line out.  Gigging, dont let the 15watts fool you, in a moderate sized room you can punch through the band.  Mine is modified with orange drop resistors and Sovtek matching tubes.  I use two external speaker cabs 1x12inch Celestion GH12 70 Anniversary and a Jensen C12K.  A superb little amp, great for recording and great of small gigs. 

YouTube Video