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Boss Katana 100


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I purchased this great amp in December 2016, there are many reviews on YouTube and by the shops.  My reason was to have a reliable amp to go jamming at gigs that was easy to carry and did not weigh very much without taking a hoard of pedals.

The Katana is well made and very solid with corner protectors, sturdy cabinet.

It has 55 programmable stomp boxes to select from using the Boss Tone Central Katana amp.  You can set up  4 channels of presets plus a further channel being the panel knobs themselves which you can save.  With a GA-FC foot controller you can :

  • Switch instantly between four channels and two routes of loops, reverbs, boost settings, etc.
  • Simultaneously connect two expression pedals* for realtime control of volume and drive
  • Simultaneously control stacked amps via Link In/Out port

I use it on half a watt in the condo and can get great sounds at  80db same volume as TV. On clean setting I find it clear and more tuneful than my valve amps Fender and Laney.  I find the dynamics and response make you want to play and some solid state amps are not like that.  I use my Fender JB stratocaster most of the time as it is incredibly pleasing at low volumes.  I use blues stomp delay and reverb settings and find them responsive and dynamic I can turn the strategy to about 6 and then up to get more gain tones especially for soloing.  It also has crunch, lead and brown settings for higher gain sounds and with my Les paul can get all those great rhythm tones.

For recording the Katana USB works easily into Logic Pro X very easy to add in and record directly.  No need for audio interface and there is no latency problems. You can leave in standby and still record with the sound coming out of your monitors!

I have also used the send receive for my plethora of modulation/delay pedals working extremely well and also my front end comp, overdrive/distortion pedals.  One nice feature is you can easily adjust the noise gate to cut out any hum and hiss created by the pedals.  I would say that the amp as well as the valve amps and that is a major plus.

For me this amp would be great for the wet side of a dual amp set up as it is so clean like the JC120 at a fraction of the price and then use the valve amp for the high gain stuff.

Only thing that is missing is to add external speakers.  The speaker connections however, are easy to get to, so wiring in a parallel speaker add on speaker should not be difficult.

I read in Kemper and Line6 forums owners are configuring the Katana so that you can use it like an FRFR system.  

There are a couple of patch swop websites this being one of them

I would recommend this amp for gigging as at 5o watts it is plenty loud enough for small gigs at 100 watts a medium sized hall.