Messiah Social Media Project

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Students are to use social media as a way to communicate to people some idea about Jesus being the Messiah (for example, that He loves them, that He died for them, that He saved them...).
Some acceptable forms of could be: a blog, a web page, a YouTube video, a FaceBook page, a Twitter account, Instagram, or a Tumbler account.

  • If students make a YouTube video, they may work as a group (this is the only form of the project that students may work together); if they are not making a video, they must work by themselves! All students working in a group will receive the same grade. Videos should try to be between 2-5 minutes, and there should be no more than 5 girls in the group. Videos do not have to actually be uploaded to YouTube; they can be submitted on a flash drive.
  • If students decide to make a FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, or Tumbler page, it has to be one of the following:
    • A poster board and designed to look like an account page.
    • A fake page using an HTML editor, or one of the educational pages that mimics FaceBook or Twitter
    • A real page that is closed and private, so nobody can comment on it (the only exception would be if other students make accounts for this project and comment on each other's pages).
  • All projects will be presented in class.
  • Students can use humor, but are reminded not to use any bad language (including taking the Lord's name), and should not promote any type of immoral ideas or acts. Finally, remember that blasphemy is not funny. If you are unsure if it would be acceptable, the answer is probably “no.”
Due Date: Tuesday, November 10


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There will be a test on the first lesson (The Goodness of Creation) on Wednesday, October 7.

Homework for Thursday, September 17

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Print out the Classroom Contact and have it signed.

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