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Australia Animal Chart

Final Review

1.  North America Map Review

2.  South America Map Review

3.  Europe Map Review

4.  World Ocean, Seas, & Lakes

5.  Large World Countries

7. Final Review--Vocabulary 

World Capitals


Latin America Review
1. Level 2 Sheppard Software

EUROPE--World Geography
2.  Europe Map Review do not move onto the next step until you do well
4.  Landmarks Matchup (period 1 class, we have learned about all of these yet, but play this game at least once.)
5.  You may know go to Level 3 of sheppard software and continue to play through the various levels.

English Projects 

Odyssey PowerPoint Download

Geography North Africa Middle East Review

Map Quiz 1

Map Quiz 2  (enter your first name and last name initial)

Map Quiz 3

Map Quiz 4


Comparative Economic Systems


To Kill a Mockingbird Webquest

Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Quiz

Romeo and Juliet Act II Quiz (no preview but hit download and it should work)

Romeo and Juliet Act III Quiz

Romeo and Juliet Newspaper Article Template

Romeo and Juliet Answers to the Study Guide

Unit 7 Vocab Practice (9th period)

Unit 6 Vocab Practice

Unit 5 Vocab Practice 

Night Audio mp3

Personal Finance

Banks vs. Credit Unions

Stock Market Information Sites

Cellphone Comparison Webquest

Geography Review

Middle East & North Africa Review Game

Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Africa Map Game

Geography Final Review

North America Map Review

South America Map Review

Europe Map Review

World Ocean, Seas, & Lakes

Large World Countries

World Capitals


IKAAW Land World Map Review

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World Geography


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