Classroom Expectations and Rules

Mrs. Vlasak


Welcome back to Juniata Valley!  I hope that you had a good break and that you are as excited to begin the new school year as I am.  This packet contains information regarding my classroom expectations, rules, and procedures.  Please make certain that you are familiar with this and that you (and your parent/guardian) sign where needed and return this document to me. 



EXPECTATIONS:  It is my belief that all students should feel welcome in my room and that it should be a place of learning, discovery, respect, and (oh my goodness) some fun.  Therefore, all students are expected to do the following to make the whole process easier for themselves (and me J).

·         BE ON TIME:  Lateness for class will not be tolerated.  I don’t tend to say much to you about this, but I do record it.  After three lates, I follow handbook policy on this and you will be written up.

·         BE RESPECTFUL:  Respect is simple.  Respect me. Respect others.  By doing these, you will Respect yourself.

·         BE PREPARED:  Bring your WRITING UTENSIL and books with you to class, as well as any needed papers and homework.  I am not picky about what you write with, as long as you have a writing utensil!

·         CLASS DISCUSSION is important!  I expect that you will all engage in class discussions.  They are an important component to what you learn.  Along with that idea…

·         BE QUIET WHEN OTHERS ARE SPEAKING OR DOING WORK:  If I give you time to do your homework, DO IT, do not talk.  If we are having a class discussion, let the other person speak (Remember- be RESPECTFUL.).

·         SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED:  Please let me know if you are struggling.  I am not a mind-reader and sometimes don’t know when someone needs help.  Ask me, I will help you!

·         BATHROOM PASS/HALL PASS is to be used as infrequently as possible- preferably at the very beginning and end of class.  Use the yellow folder to sign in and out.  FILL OUT THE ENTIRE PAPER BEFORE YOU GO.  If you  can’t follow this rule, you can’t leave.




·         HOMEWORK COUNTS!  Do your homework.  I don’t believe in busy work so if I give you homework, you need to DO IT.  Each assignment is worth 5-10 points.  ****I DO NOT TAKE LATE HOMEWORK BECAUSE WE GO OVER THE ANSWERS IN CLASS!!!!!


·         MAKE UP YOUR WORK.  You have 7 days to make up work you missed.  YOU must schedule make up work with ME.  I will not chase you down to make it up.  Un-made up work will result in a zero.

·         BOOKS are to be handled with great care.  If you ruin a book, you pay for it.

·         Have a notebook or folder for this class.  If you can’t get one, please see me.

·         TISSUES AND ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES are important for our class.  If you can bring a box of one in (especially the tissues) you can earn an extra credit point.  It is much better than blowing your nose on the tree bark tissues we have. J

·         GRADED MATERIAL:  All graded material is due when it is due. I take off points or letter grades for each day it is due.  (unless you are out sick).



9TH Grade- The focus of the 9th grade curriculum will be around preparing you for the 10th grade Keystone Exams which you MUST PASS IN ORDER TO GRADUATE.  We will do this by using the following (plus supplemental material):

·         SpringBoard Curriculum

·         9th grade Literature book

·         Weekly vocabulary study

·         Many writing activities

·         Various novel-reads

*Romeo and Juliet

*The Outsiders

*To Kill a Mockingbird



12th Grade-The focus for 12th grade curriculum will be centered around writing for post-graduation abilities on various levels, college preparation, workforce knowledge, research, and general preparedness for post-high school life. We will be using the following texts and resources to do so:

·         SpringBoard

·         12th grade Literature book

·         Many styles and types of writing assignments

·         Weekly Vocabulary use

·         Various literature studies


*Perks of Being a Wallflower

*The Things They Carried

*This Boy’s Life

*The Hunger Games Series

*Lord of the Flies

*The Color of Water

*The Help

***Many other varied readings.  Not all classes will all read the above list.


Please sign the bottom portion of this and have a parent/guardian sign as well.  By signing this, you are agreeing to the expectations, rules, and so on that are listed on these pages.  Please cut off the bottom portion and return to me by the end of the school week.





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