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Slideshow Help
The slideshows displayed on this website generally utilize the Picasa Web Album application / web site.

If you click in the center of the displayed slideshow, the slideshow will open for various individual photo viewing / downloading options.
If you are viewing this website on an IPad or Mobile Device (i.e., IPhone) you may not be able to see the slideshow thumbnail.
[CLICK] to view all the slideshows in a "gallery" version.  The slideshow "gallery" allows the mobile device user to view the photos in various formats.
Apple Mobile Devices currently do not support the application utilized by Picasa Web Albums to view slideshow thumbnails on a web page.  All the slideshows on this website are available directly from the [First Presbyterian Church Picasa Web Album] website.

IPad / Mobile Device Users
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If you need assistance
with Picasa Web Albumns,
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