Adult Ministries

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Bible Studies
Our church offers a fine array of weekly Bible studies.  A church Bible study is offered on almost every day of the week!  Most of the Bible studies meet in the historic church building, downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. Men's, women's and co-ed study groups meet.  Our Bible study classes are taught by church members and elders.
Care Groups
Care Groups are small groups of about eight people who study the Bible or a topic from a Christian perspective.  Groups can be for a specific period, or ongoing. Some ongoing groups have been together for years.  Besides the benefit of knowing others more closely, care groups offer support, prayer and learning in leading a Christian life.
The deacons are church officers elected by the congregation.  Deacons care for the physical needs of the people and church.  Church members can often participate in ministries sponsored by the Deacons.  Opportunities are announced thru the weekly [e-Newsletter] and [Bell Ringer].  For more information contact the Deacon Moderator - [Carl Casebeer.]