Notice: As of January 2018 Juventus Sport Club will no longer be accepting reimbursement requests for on field referee fees.

Referee Fee Reimbursement

For the Spring 2018 season, JSC will be making payments directly to the assigned referees. As such, managers are no longer required to provide payment on the field or request reimbursement.

What fee's are and aren't covered by Juventus Sport Club

JSC we will only cover reimbursement for league play. Reimbursement requests for State Cup, tournaments, or friendly matches are not covered by the club.

Juventus Registration Fees only cover the Coaching fees for weekly trainings and weekend matches, Player Cards for one association, one State Registration, one league registration, Insurance, Club Fee, Facility Use, and Referees.

Know your Referee system

Due to U.S. Soccer’s decision to eliminate the two referee system in Spring 2016 , all games must either have a one or three referee crew.

Detailed information:

Be Ready for Game Day

For much more detail go to:

Juventus Referee Assignment

Juventus and many area clubs use the PENSRA referee assignment system for both league games & tournaments. Register & request games there.

PENSRA is a powerful and easy to use system that provides for the ability to SELF-ASSIGN your matches for some matches. Juventus offers thousands of matches each year and referees are expected to be independent and highly reliable. No show, no call situations are dealt with harsh consequences.