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The purpose of the Vendor Management Policy is to provide written guidelines surrounding the procurement and payment of third party services and products in accordance with the Juventus Sport Club’s (JSC) mission, obligations, and ongoing administration of functions.


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Juventus Vendor Management Policy

JSC utilizes vendors to provide services and products for the benefit of JSC membership. Vendors include but are not limited to venues, equipment, event planning, financial institutions, software providers, referees, managers, and coaches, etc. The JSC utilizes some one-time vendors and some vendor relationships are ongoing. Due diligence, particularly for vendor engagements exceeding $5,000, is necessary to limit the risk of financial loss or reputational harm to JSC. Depending on the size and scope of services or products needed, the procurement of vendors may also include the solicitation of bids, execution of a contract, and down payments.

Go here to review our Vendor Management Policy: https://sites.google.com/a/juventus-sc.org/finance/policy

Coach Invoice Process

Thank you coaches for all that you do to support our Juventus players, families, and the extended community. For a detailed explanation on how to submit your invoice please go here: Coaching Resources


If you have any additional questions please contact the Club Treasurer at: treasurer@juventus-sc.org

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