Why Go With An iPod DJ?

iPod DJ does not replace a DJ

posted Nov 26, 2011, 4:25 PM by Jeff Ilardi   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 11:53 AM ]

I recently was reviewing some information on-line from companies offering the iPod DJ Service and I read one note saying they replaced many high priced wedding DJ's with their iPod DJ Service.  Honestly, I don't believe this is the case.  Maybe the iPod DJ Service is more in-line with your budget, but if there is one thing I try to stress to customers more than anything else is that the iPod DJ Service does not replace a good DJ.  My belief is the iPod DJ Service offers something for a completely different audience.  An audience that loves music and would like to make their event more personal and have more control over what happens at the event.   

You can take a look at my other posts regarding if the iPod DJ Service is for you or not to make your decision.  But please do not think that the iPod DJ Service replaces a good wedding DJ.  If they charge a lot of money, then it usually means they are good and you will get very good service.  If you are nervous about hiring a DJ and getting the DJ that gets a little tipsy and obnoxious, does not play your songs, shows up late, then ask lots of questions ahead of time.  "Do you drink alcohol while on duty?"  "What types of things will you say to the audience?"  "Will you play all my songs?"  "If you do not uphold your promises do I get my money back?"  And my favorite..."Can I watch you perform or do you have a video?"  

I get asked this last question all the time for customers looking for the iPod DJ Service.  And my answer is, no, you are hiring an iPod DJ Service for 1/3 the cost of a DJ.  The iPod and the music you choose are doing the majority of the work not the person operating the player.  So no I don't have a video of an iPod going from song to song.  Yes, we will make announcements but they will be short and to the point.  No one will remember the person running the iPod at your event, but they will remember the music!

If you want your party, reception, event to be about you and your music and more personal, then the iPod DJ route is the way to go.  If you want someone to entertain your guests while you are off mingling then you need a DJ.  As I always say, we empower people to have the party they want.  We can give you the tools to amplify your music to as many people you invite.  But it is you and your music that will be the stars of the night not the DJ. 

And remember, regardless as to what route you decide to go, both are part of the service industry and like the rest of the service industry it is customary to tip at the end of the party.  Generally as a rule 15% is for average service.  

Is the iPod DJ Service for you?

posted Nov 22, 2011, 2:06 AM by Jeff Ilardi   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 11:53 AM ]

If you are a big music fan, have a small party (under 150 guests), want to have control over what get's played at your party or event then the iPod DJ Service is for you!

In our iPod DJ vs Actual DJ post we talk mostly about Weddings.  The iPod DJ route can be perfect for many different types of parties.  Do you have a friend who is a DJ, or an aspiring DJ?  We can connect them and let them have fun.  They can use an iPod, CD Players, Turntables, or a Laptop with their favorite DJ program.  They can even have a DJ mixing console and we can connect them.  

Basically, we call it generically the iPod DJ Service because most commonly customers use an iPod.  But the truth is you can plug in any player.  The basics are you supply the music and the players we supply the amplification.  This works well for traveling DJ's who are just flying in for the party.

School dances and graduation parties, especially for young audiences, this is a great way to control the music that is being played and making sure it is appropriate for the age group.  

Birthday parties, this works well so you can play your favorite music for your birthday.  This is a private party, a special party and having a DJ that is a complete stranger play and perform just may not be what you are looking for, and they may not play the music you like.  So going the iPod DJ route is the best bet.

iPod DJ vs Actual DJ

posted Nov 17, 2011, 10:59 AM by Jeff Ilardi   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 11:56 AM ]

Many DJ's fear the iPod. Many DJ's have iPod DJ horror stories on their websites to scare people away from going the iPod DJ route.

I would like to just clairfy this. There is room for both services and it just depends on what the customer is looking for.

If you are looking for an entertainer, someone to entertain your audience by witty comments and playing great dance music, you need a professional DJ. No question about it. Good examples of this are Block parties, School Dances, or any event where you have a lot of people who do not know each other. Weddings are only good examples if the bride and groom are not that much into music, don't like to dance, or don't plan on staying for their entire reception.

Let me just address the Wedding example right away because I am sure that I got some DJ's panties in a bunch already. It is true that having a DJ to help make announcements and help keep the flow of the reception going. But please do not confuse a DJ for a good Wedding Coordinator. If you are asking your DJ to do that, who is watching over the music and such while the DJ is lining everyone up for the introductions or trying to locate the father of the Bride for the father daughter dance? And are you looking for a Coordinator or a DJ? You need to ask yourself these questions.

What is usually forgotten is that a wedding reception is a time to celebrate the marriage between two people. The guests have come to this reception for several reasons and here is what I believe them to be: #1 – To celebrate the marriage. #2 – Free drinks and food. #3 – To reunite and spend time with family and friends. From here it gets a little fuzzy but might include: To show off a new date; To pick up a Groomsmen or Bridesmaid; To have a good date night with your significant other; and somewhere in this mix is “to get your groove on, cut a rug, shake a leg, etc.” So that being the case, why have a complete stranger with a microphone and the ability to choose and play a song at any point in control of your wedding reception? And this is where the horror stories start to pour in.

With the iPod DJ in play, you can choose all the music you want played at your wedding reception ahead of time and avoid having to worry about the music. You can then spend your money on a good wedding coordinator and have a family member or a good friend make the announcements with cue cards if needed from the Wedding Coordinator. Guests at weddings are more accepting of a family member or a friend on the mic than they are a complete stranger.

Plus, do you know what gets the dance floor more packed than having a DJ play a good dance tune and shout at people to get on the dance floor? The bride and groom on the dance floor. Get the Bride and Groom on the dance floor and everyone will be on the dance floor. And if the Bride and Groom selected the music then there is a good chance they will be on the dance floor.

And for all other parties, birthday parties, class reunions, etc., if you know the music that your guests are going to like then just collect them on your portable music player and plug it in and go. There are so many instances where compiling your own music is going to be more entertaining or more rewarding than any DJ service can provide.

And remember, regardless as to what route you decide to go, both are part of the service industry and like the rest of the service industry it is customary to tip at the end of the party.  Generally as a rule 15% is for average service. 

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