2018 MS Civil Rights Martyrs Events

54th Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs

Memorial Service, Caravan, Conference and

March for Justice

June 22nd and 23rd 2018

Please join us as we remember, honor and demand justice for all Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs.  

Only a token few of the civil rights murders committed in Mississippi have been adequately investigated and prosecuted.

Friday June 22nd-Jackson MS.

8:00 am  Not-very-mobile people assemble east of the Mississippi State Capitol Bldg. Students assemble at west side Gate 1- West of the Coliseum. Amite St. and N. Jefferson St. in Jackson Mississippi.

We ask that all vehicles have a full tank of fuel.

8:20 am  March or Caravan to the Mississippi State Capitol, depending on the weather. 

Afterwards, we will visit: ∙ Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) ∙ Grand Lodge of Mississippi ∙ Jackson State University where James Earl Green, Phillip L. Gibbs and Benjamin Brown were murdered ∙ Medgar Evers’ home ∙ Lunch   

1:00 pm  Caravan departs to Money, MS & Glendora, MS. •Emmett Till Memorial • Ruleville, MS. •Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial

Saturday June 23rd -Meridian MS.    

8:30am   Meet at First Union Missionary Baptist Church, 610 38th Ave., Meridian, MS

Caravan will visit: ∙ the Chaney Home ∙  Lauderdale County Courthouse ∙ Okatibbee Cemetery-James Chaney’s Grave ∙ Rock Cut Road - site of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner murders ∙Neshoba Jail∙  

• The day will end with a picnic at the Longdale Community Center.

For more information, contact John Steele, Chairman, at  freedomstruggle24.7@gmail.com  Phone (925) 597-3696

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