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JCS-Pine Valley is a TK-12 public charter school sponsored by MEUSD. We have both a home study program and an academy program. TK-12 home study families meet regularly with a credentialed teacher to go over assignments and curriculum. There are a variety of opportunities and resources available. Students and services are spread out throughout San Diego County. 

Our 6-12 academy students have a blend of on campus instruction with credentialed teachers and work at home days each week. The academy is located in the community of Pine Valley, 30 miles east of San Diego. Our school's theme is cultivating character. Our students are very involved in community events, community service, recycling, responsible stewardship of nature, ASB activities, and school events. For all students TK-12 we encourage global awareness and strive to step into the world around us through field trips and activities.
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Physical address:                                Mailing address:
28876 Old Hwy 80                              PO Box 1438
Pine Valley, CA 91962                         Pine Valley, CA 91962
phone (619) 473-1300
fax (619) 473-1300