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World War 1 Project

Due Date: Monday, 12/3/2012 

The face of warfare changed dramatically during World War I.  Submarines gave the Germans a temporary control of the oceans and flying aces battled in the European skies.  For this project, you will  research a topic related to warfare during World War I.  You will research your topic using your book and the internet and create a computer presentation on your topic.  You can use Power Point, Google Docs, Prezi, Voice Thread, or Glogster to create your presentation. Please let me know if you plan to use a different application.
You will present your topic to the class.  Remember that you are the expert on your topic!
Your presentation should include the following information:
  • why your topic is important to World War I
  • in depth description of you topic
  • pictures illustrating your topic (including appropriate maps)
  • other multimedia  that helps illustrate your topic
  • the lasting effects your topic had on warfare
  • citations for sources used (including pictures)
Your project should be between 6 – 10 slides long. Please email me your project or a link to your project before the due date.

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