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Welcome! My name is Linda Mathews. This portfolio represents my growth as a blended and online instructor over the 8 weeks of Leading Edge Certification course. When I signed up for the course, I thought that it would be an easy course because I am very adept at using technology. Instead, I found that I had to work hard each week to complete the assignments. I learned so much in the process - including that it is not all about technology! I would like to thank my instructors, Dennis Danielson and Mark Starr, and my fellow students for such a great learning experience.

I have been interested in blended learning for several years. My goal for this course was to learn more about online and blended learning so that I can create a better learning environment for my students. I have created flipped classrooms in my middle school classrooms but had not created a truly blended classroom.

Over the next few years I plan to create blended classrooms for my high school history and science classes. I want to better extend activities and discussions outside of the physical classroom. I have done online activities and collaborative activities using Web 2.0 tools, but the online community has been lacking. This class has helped me see the common thread needed to have my students be successful online learners.

Ultimately, I want to promote  blended and online learning at my school site. Currently, I am the only teacher at my site that is trying to set up a blended classroom. I feel that online and blended learning is the future of education and want to see my school at the forefront of this process.

While the process was challenging, I had fun creating the different components that make up this portfolio. I hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio.

Portfolio Overview

Each page in this portfolio demonstrates different learning outcomes.

Online vs. Blended vs. Face-to-Face Venn Diagram

I identified similarities and differences between the traditional classroom learning model, the blended classroom learning model, and the online classroom learning model from both the teacher’s and the learner’s viewpoint. I gained an understanding of the different models and how my instructional methodologies would have to change and what skills I would need to improve on to be an effective blended/online instructor.

Collaborative Presentation of Web 2.0 Tools

I modeled collaborative learning using Web 2.0 tools with other members of my class. As part of the collaborative process I analyzed how different Web 2.0 tools could be used to move learning to higher levels of cognition.  I identified a project where Web 2.0 tools could be used to move learning online.

Designing an Online Discussion

I developed an online discussion prompt based on an essential question that requires students to evaluate what they have read. The lesson I created uses community building techniques and gives clear expectations about behavior in the online community.

Establishing an Accessible Social Presence

I created a video resource that meets ADA accessibility requirements through captioning and transcription. I evaluated the resources that I currently use for compliance with  Section 508 and the ADA and identified where I can better meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Designing A Comprehensive Assessment Plan

I reviewed the components of formative and summative assessments and identified how they could be used in an online learning environment. I identified the differences between face-to-face and online assessments. I evaluated how assessments that I currently do can be moved to an online learning environment. I designed a unit that uses formative and summative assessments that measure students’ achievement of learning objectives.

Online Course Syllabus

I assessed my readiness for online learning and teaching. I reflected on my readiness for online teaching and created a personal learning plan based on the assessment. I created an ADA compliant online class syllabus that included essential information about course structure, policies, academic integrity, and guidelines for online interaction, and course technical requirements.

Reflection: iNACOL Standards for Quality Online Teaching

I evaluated my readiness for blended and online teaching. I identified my areas of weakness and created an action plan to address these areas.

About Me

I teach Social  Studies and Earth Science to grades 9 - 12 at Julian Charter School Murrieta High School Academy (MHSA). I previously taught science to grades 6 - 8 at the Julian Charter School Murrieta Middle School Academy. I have a multiple subject teaching credential and single subject credentials in Social Science, English, and Foundational Science. I also have a supplementary authorization in Computer Concepts and Applications.

I completed the Middle Level Credential Program at California State University, San Marcos in 2005. I earned my Masters Degree in Teaching and Curriculum Design at University of California, San Diego in 2009. Before I became a teacher I worked for many years as an embedded systems programmer. I still like to take programming classes when I have time. I live in Valley Center, CA with my husband and daughter.

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