With over 100 years of combined classroom teaching experience, our young school is fortunate to have such a well rounded, knowledgeable group of teachers. Our teachers collaborate weekly to provide a cross-curricular educational experience that makes learning fun, exciting, and meaningful to students.

The list below shows all of the fabulous teachers at the San Diego MS Academy. Click on a teacher's name from the list on the left to "meet" the teachers. The classes on the right are linked to the class syllabus and/or website.

 Teacher Name Classes
 Miss Karen Koch Middle School Math BHumanities 6, Humanities 7, Humanities 8; 7th Grade Advisor
Mr. Michael HorvathJCS Athletics Coordinator
 Mr. Jason Rogalski Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Art
 Mr. Ryan Satterfield
 Site Coordinator; Pre-Algebra
 Mrs. Deborah Elser
 Communications: Writing and Technology- Grades 6, 7, and 8; 6th and 8th Grade Advisor
 Mrs. Sheryl McKay Algebra I
 Mrs. Diane Waker       
 Site Secretary