We, the Julesburg community, will share the responsibility of developing functional citizens who are intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially healthy making the safety of our students a priority.  We will teach them to display creativity and ethical behavior which will produce individuals who are cooperative and inspired to set goals so that they may be productive and adapt to a dynamic, changing society.


We will know that we are accomplishing our mission when opportunities have been offered to each student in order that he or she will be able to:


(1)    be an effective communicator

         (in written, verbal, and non-verbal forms)

 (2)      be a problem solver

(using critical thinking in making decisions, setting goals, and creating)

 (3)    be a responsible and productive citizen

         (in a multi-cultural society, contributing to the world and community)

 (4)      be a user of current resources and technology

(effectively using time, finances,  human resources, and technological innovations)

 (5)    participate in and appreciate the arts and humanities

(6)    become emotionally and physically healthy and socially well-adjusted