About Us

Julesburg Elementary School is located in Julesburg, Colorado.  Julesburg is a small community consisting of 1300 people and sits in the far, northeast corner of the state.  It is the northernmost town in the state located less than one mile from the Nebraska border.

Julesburg Elementary is a public school servicing students preschool through 6th grades and averages approximately 144 students per year.   Julesburg Elementary School maintains 13 full-time teachers and is holding steady at an approximate 17:1 student/teacher ratio.  The average years of experience for our educators is 21 years.

Julesburg Elementary School prides itself on the quality of education, the knowledge and experience of our staff, and the personal connections we have to our students.  We maintain traditional expectations while supporting and promoting the growth of a 21st Century learning environment.

Rhonda Palic,
Jul 27, 2018, 1:35 PM