Justice, Unity, Generosity, Service, Intl., Inc.

St. Louis Chapter

Our History

Justice, Unity, Generosity, Service, International Inc., (JUGS), was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in February 1953 by Josephine Johnson Bridges and Sarah McKinnie Chandler. Assisting the founders was Marie G. Bradford, a charter member. They had a vision of a charitable organization of women that would make an impact in their community to improve the welfare of neglected and dependent children. Since its inception additional chapters have been established. Today we have chapters throughout the country and in Nassau, Bahamas.

JUGS is made up of dynamic women across the world making an impact on their respective communities.  The members are women with similar interest, backgrounds and lifestyles.  They are motivated and joined by a desire to share their time, talents and interests in civic, educational and social activities.   Most importantly, they are dedicated to improving the plight of children and uplifting the education aspiration of young people.

 The women who make up the sisterhood of JUGS contribute to their communities through fund raising activities and involvement in local and national activities which focus on the well being of children.