Lambrate Fall Edition 2016 Milano

My journey of research does not start by a formal design principle, but it is fueled by a sense of discovery and experimentation that drives me to make all new combinations of Felt and different materials. The process that leads to the making of my work is, and always must be, simple and genuine in each of its steps: I have to preserve a synergistic relationship with the material, while designing and producing, and a more intrusive, mechanized process tends to ruin the unique qualities of Felt and the signs of its link to Nature.

Due to the fact that I hand-craft each one of my works, each individual centimeter of felt can be distinguished from the others by color, texture and smell.
The Bergshaf wool I use is untreated and 'wild', so my felt sometimes contains grass blades or other 'impurities' that tell a story of the animal they once belonged to.
My ultimate goal is to shine a spotlight on the Man and his natural longing for comfort and well being, trying to invoke in the viewer raw and unfiltered emotions and hopefully making him/her reflect on ecological themes such as mindful use of resources and recycling.
Recently i finally found confirmation for my efforts, having been offered an opportunity ot exhibit in three distinct galleries: the “Contini Art Factory” in Venice, the “Voyage Pittoresque Factory” in Naples and finally “Spazio Tid” in Milan.

TT   wall lamp 195 x 105  made in nunofelt

TT is an experiment in collaboration: I asked friends and family to help me crafting this work by giving me tea bags to be worked into this lamp. The goal is to raise awareness for the themes of ricycling and re-use in a unique and personal way.

Les  table lamp made in felt

Les is a variation on my previus work and an answer to feedback I have received from multiple clients. Unlike many works i've made before, this lamp does not contain any form of glue: this decision led me towards a simpler design with some key advantages: this lamp can be detached from its light source and easily washed if the user wishes to do so. Its also possible to modify the way it lights up the enviroment by poking holes to let the light come out in different ways.