AP Human Geography—2017–2018

 Period 3

 Period 7   

Period 8 

 Human Geography, 11th ed, AP Edition,  Fourberg, Murphy and de Blij   ISBN-9781119043140

Below you will find      files for the following:
Introductory Materials for   
  * AP Human Geography     
  * Course Disclosures         
  * Syllabus                         

  • The AP EXAM Review Schedules is below
  • There is a new syllabus below for Chapters 13 and 14
  • Note the other handouts below will be necessary as we progress through the year
    • the Epidemiological Transition and 
    • the Dependency Ratio
    • Models

Notice:  Go to https://groups.diigo.com/group/holders-aphg  and click "Apply to join.

Please note that you must bring the following to class daily
  • Your Textbook, Human Geography:  People, Place, and Culture (AP Edition), 11th ed. by Fouberg et al.
  • Your binder for your geography work
  • Looseleaf paper for your notes
  • A blue or black pen for note-taking, quizzes and tests
  • A pencil for annotation in book
  • A highlighter
  • A laptop
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