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Here are my class notes--

Super duper special notice!!

Its the last week before school starts, and you're scrambling to find text books and summer homework. You made it to my webpage and...

here's the deal:

if you are taking honors chem, regular chem, or ABC from me....



also, there is NO SUMMER HOMEWORK. Enjoy the last week of summer.



double yay!! we love chemistry!!!

...but what if im taking AP Chem??? Same deal?


NO! get the textbook, and do the summer homework. Do it well, cause there will be a test on it on the first Friday we are back to class.

<<sad face>>

AP Chem Summer homework

do this:  super-fun-assignment.pdf

its due the FIRST DAY OF CLASS. NO excuses.

ABC/Chem/Hchem HW. Due beginning of class Aug. 20

Answer the following.

1) how many grams are in a kilogram?
2) how many dm are in a m?
3) how many cubic decimeters are in a liter?  ** honors only**

Work out numerical answers for the following. Use any method you choose. 
1) you have 5 cm. How many m?
2) you have 34.5 dm. How many m?
3) you have 67 mm. How many dm?
4) you have 3.67 dm^3. (that means dm X dm X dm). How many liters?  ** honors only**
5) you have 0.5 dm^3. How many ml?  ** honors only**
6) you have 2.002 kg. How many mL? ** honors only**
7) you have 45.6 dm^3. How many g? ** honors only**
8) you have 0.0034 mm. How many m?   :) ** honors only**
9) you have23.5 dm^3. (that means dm X dm X dm). How many kg? ** honors only**
10) you have 0.202 dm^3. How many g? ** honors only**

monday-- meet and greet
block--seating plan/current events!
get in groups of about 4
go to one of these websites
make a poster
best poster gets immunity on the friday quiz!
5 points : topic. cool, current and wow. or old, yawn, lame
5 points: poster design. clear, well thought out or chicken scratches with a pencil
5 points: information. lots of clear information or... nothing...

AP Chem
monday-- check summer hw
block-- seating plan / start in on stuff!  here is the workshop   APinaweek.pdf . Feel free to print it out, or follow
along in class
thursday -- surprise!
friday quiz on summer hw

HW for Mon 20
1) write the acid hydrolysis expression for acetic acid. Include all the details.
2) write the numerical value for K for acetic acid
3) write the expression for Q for acetic acid using square brackets
4) assume all concentrations are 1 M. Calculate Q. Predict the direction of the reaction.
5) assume all concentrations are 2.2X10-5 M. Predict the direction of the reaction.
6) assume all concentrations are 1.5X10-2 M. Predict the direction of the reaction.
7) search the inter web (or your text book) and find K for lactic acid.