Beginning Soccer

A Great Game For All Ages

So your little "Johnny" want to start playing soccer.

You went out and bought a couple of soccer balls, socks and shorts. You sign him up in the local soccer league. He played in a few of the games but was not very good. You tried to give him some tips but you were not sure if you were giving him the correct soccer training and tips to make him a better player.

If  you really want him to play and enjoy the game, then do little Johnny and yourself a big favor.

Enroll him in some soccer lessons to enhance his game.

You have several chioces when it comes to soccer lessons.

  1. You can find a friend who is really good and go out for some  one on one help.
  2. Find a local camp and spend a few dollars. It will help in leaning the fundamentals and increase speed and agility.
  3. Read soccer magazine and watch soccer channels. Buy some video.

Whatever option you choose to pursue, the mose important this is for little Johnny to learn from the lessons, especialy if you are paying someone. Have little Johnny practice as much as possible.

His soccer game will be more enjoyable when he can hold his own on the field. The more he practice and play the better he will be at the game. Don't forget the soccer shoe (cleats)! Make sure he pack the shoes before he leave for the game. The shoes is a very improtant part of the game.

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