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Mrs. Barson grew up in a small town near San Diego, California. She is the mother of 5 children and has 2 grandchildren. Her hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, crafting, and gardening. She enjoys being outdoors - experiencing nature in any way she can; hiking, rafting, driving & riding. She loves to travel and has been to Ireland, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Canada. She hopes to visit many more places including the states she hasn't yet visited in the United States. Mrs. Barson has been teaching mathematics since 1997, has taught Junior High, High School and College. She has been at Juab High School since 2016.

Secondary Mathematics I, Secondary Math III and Math 1030

"I haven't always loved mathematics but I have always wanted to teach. I developed a great respect for math in Junior High through my own experience of struggling with doing well for the first time in my life. My teacher Mrs. Strachan was wonderful. I went in for help before and after school and she did all she could to help me be more successful. It was through the example and role model of Mrs. Strachan that I developed a desire to teach mathematics. I wanted to help students be more successful in math."  - Dawn Barson

BA in Mathematics Education from Brigham Young University
MA in Mathematics Education from Brigham Young University

 "Dwell in Possibility"