Bernadette Lund grew up in Gunnison, Utah.  She graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry.  Following graduation from Utah State University she moved to Columbus, Ohio, where she attended The Ohio State University.  At Ohio State she studied education and graduated with a Masters of Education in Science, gaining endorsements in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.    She has taught various science subjects while teaching at Juab High School, such as the following:  Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Microbiology.  She has taught as Juab High School in Science for ten years.

Working and studying in a science lab in Columbus, Ohio she gained interest in laboratory science.  She enjoyed experimenting on various health food products to test for contamination of bacteria.  She found the different tests for the various bacteria being tested fascinating.  Because of this love for the lab, she tries to encourage her Biology and Chemistry classes at Juab High School to apply the scientific method and conduct there own experiments.

Outside of school she enjoys spending time outdoors and time with her two children.  Together they enjoy spending time in the summer visiting the National Parks that we have around us right here in Utah.