2012-2013 Suggested Supplies

Welcome to the 2012-13 school year!  I'm excited to start a brand new year and nothing celebrates that excitement better than purchasing school supplies (in my mind anyway)!!!

I don't like it when parents/students waste money on school supplies that aren't used.  The following are supplies that students will be using in my classroom and are merely suggestions and not mandatory.

All of the items pictured were found at the Lehighton Walmart.

At the very least:
These are the three items that every student in my class should be equipped with...
A total of $8.99.

1)  A 1.5 inch 3-ring binder:  $3.78. 
I found these in the front of the store.
A 3-ring binder will be very helpful to the students as I give a lot of handouts.  
Loose leaf paper and lined notebooks are not necessary in my class.  

2)  Post-it Tabs:  $3.74.  
I found these in the office supply section.  The very (North-East) corner of the store.
My classes are broken down into outcomes.  It would be beneficial for students to separate each outcome with a post-it tab.  
One pack of 36 tabs will be enough for the entire year. 

3)  Mechanical Pencils:  $1.47 for 10.  
These were located in the front of the store.
You can NEVER have enough pencils.

It would be nice if each student had...

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. $1.84
Found in the front of the store.

We do provide calculators at school.  However, the calculators must stay at school since we have a limited amount.

This is the calculator provided in class:
TI - 30XS    $13.87
It is not necessary to purchase this calculator unless you want it for use at home and other non-class times.
Front of the store.

TI-84 Plus:  $94.00
This is an excellent calculator to have for more advanced courses and college.
I will not be using this calculator in class, unless the calculator fairy pays me a visit.  
If you decide to purchase this type of calculator I will be able to assist you in using it.
Front of the store.

Please feel free to email me with any questions, concern, or comments.