Master of Science

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Degree Overview and Options
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The Master of Science Degree provides students with a range of theoretical and practical knowledge about the field of mass communications that enables students think critically about media and engage in research. Currently, students may choose to take the Urban Communications track or work with their advisors to build their own degree program with courses in and outside of the department that are focused on their career and research interests. Students are required to take the core courses: MC 500, MC 501, MC 502, and MC 506. There are a variety of electives within the department that are also available. In addition to these requirements, each student must complete a thesis/project. For more specific information on course offerings, please click the link below.

Graduate Student Tasks 
Upon acceptance into the program, students will meet with the department chair and will be assigned a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will advise the student on all the necessary tasks to be completed to obtain the degree. If the student has questions outside of what the advisor is able to answer, the advisor will consult with the Graduate Coordinator of the department. The advisor will then properly advise the student of the necessary course of action. Below is a list of tasks that must be completed by the student in consultation with the advisor. The links are directly to the forms that must be completed. A printed version with a field for dates of completion can be obtained here and access  the document "Student Tasks to Complete" . With the completion of each task, the student should make a copy of the document for their own records and for their folders in the department. This will assist in knowing that all tasks have been completed. If you are currently enrolled and are not sure whether or not these tasks have been completed, please contact your advisor for Department requirements and the Graduate School for their requirements.

1.       Contact Your Advisor. A list of students and advisors is available here. Please check it to determine who your advisor is. Your advisor is the person that will assist you with any questions that you have concerning your program of study. You should request a meeting with your advisor early in the term. However, please note that all advisors teach several classes and often require several days notice to schedule an appointment. Individual advisors have their own policies regarding appointment times. A list of contact information is available on the department website under Faculty. Please do not attempt to obtain your PIN and advise yourself. This may create problems in the end of the program as courses that you choose must be approved by the advisor and the department. If, for any reason, you are unable to make contact with your advisor, please contact the department chair for assistance in the matter.


2.       Completing Appropriate Forms/Information. As a graduate student, you must complete several forms, documents, and examinations throughout the program of study. Our website contains a list of tasks that each student must complete in consultation with the advisor. There is also a printable sheet that you will want to use to keep track of when you have completed the necessary items.


3.       Dates and Deadlines. Each process has a deadline that has been established by the Graduate School and/or the Department that are strictly adhered to. Please be sure that you visit the Graduate School website for information about deadlines for forms, examinations, etc. You will be notified of any departmental deadlines on the website and via email. On the website, you can link directly to Graduate School and Department deadlines by clicking links under Graduate Student Tasks. Be sure to read the deadlines correctly as they are all for terms in which the task is being completed.


4.       Program Information. All information regarding the program can be answered by visiting the website. Links have been created to all of the official documents regarding the program in the department. Be sure to read the information carefully so that you have an understanding of the structure of the program and its requirements. You can also access the commonly asked questions from the Graduate Survey by accessing the link on the website. If you have questions that you feel are not answered by the published information, you should discuss those things with your assigned advisor. The advisor will assist you in finding the answers to those questions.


5.       Catalog Information. The current catalog information published by the University is not accurate in terms of concentration areas. The website address is under Degree Overview and Options under Master of Science in Mass Communications. All other information pertaining to the program in the catalog is accurate in terms of the degree requirements. You should also access the Graduate School Catalog link for general information and explanations of the Graduate Student Tasks and requirements. Specific information about the Master’s degree is on pages 11 and 12 of the catalog.

*Please note that students must adhere to all dates and deadlines established by the

Graduate Student Task

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Timeframe to Complete

Application for Admission to Program

(Graduate School)

Spring for Fall Admission

Graduate Degree Plan (Graduate School)


1st term in consultation with

assigned advisor

Graduate Student Database (Department)


1st term

Application for GECE (Graduate School)


1st term

Application for Candidacy (Graduate School)


After 12 hours of coursework including

core courses

Comprehensive Exam Registration (Department)

After 24 hours of coursework including

core courses

Application for GACE (Graduate School)


After 24 hours of coursework including

core courses

Student notified of comprehensive exam results by the Graduate School

In the term the comps were taken

Area of Interest Form (Department)


After successful completion of comps

Committee Commitment Form (Department)


Term after the comprehensive exams

Committee Form-Prospectus Approval

(Graduate School)


Term of the proposal defense

Committee Report of Defense Results 

(Graduate School)


Term of the thesis defense