The Intelligence Community (IC) Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) was established in 2005 to support the need for a cadre of qualified intelligence professionals to carry out America's long-term national security initiatives.  Accomplishing these goals requires a competitive, knowledgeable, and ethnically diverse workforce, thus, the IC CAE Program's emphasis is on building long term partnerships with accredited universities across the nation to develop sustainable national security and intelligence education programs.  These programs increase the pool of culturally, geographically, and ethnically diverse; multidisciplinary job applicants who possess highly desired skills and competencies in areas of critical need within the IC.

Jackson State University (JSU) and the University of Mississippi (UM) have collaborated to create a partnership called the UM/JSU Intelligence Consortium that seeks to enrich and expand their intelligence and cyber security programs, provide intelligence related education across the university, develop a southern university consortium that brings together intelligence programs and scholars, enhance and expand faculty research, provide students with study abroad opportunities, and to expose high school students to various security issues and tools through hands-on activities and research projects.
The Consortium's Goals include the following:
  • Opportunities for joint education research
  • Development of intelligence specific coursework and modifications or enhancements to current intelligence and cyber security related coursework at each institution
  • Funded student research and study abroad in countries relevant to national security
  • High School outreach programs  for minority and underserved students